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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random Ramblings about random randomness

You knew it was coming. The day I lost all sense of reason and succumbed to the random post demon that plagues so many blogs. Well here it is, because if I have to attempt to explain to you why I am feeling so discombobulated today, you will be left with a very random, very meaningless blog post anyway that.., never mind, just read the random stuff please and leave it at that.

#2's version of Rochambeau features rock, paper, scissors, and gun.

#3 exhibited the first signs of the possibility that he may be a potty mouth in training when today he happily shouted "crap." Granted, he was mimicking me, but how bad is it when one of your child's first ten words is a semi-curse?

Is driving really that hard? I mean, I can drive, text, sign a permission slip, read the map, eat a burger, and paint my nails all while breaking up fights, teaching history lessons, and feeding a baby. All I'm asking you to do is put your foot on the go button and move your a**. Seriously, a little effort, people!

I found some hard, sticky substance on #1's wall beside his bed today. Stop it! It's not what you think! It was his secret stash of boogers. I just keep telling myself it could've been so much worse. And, at least I can rest assured that, although he's a booger picker, at least he's not a booger eater, which would really ruin his rep.

Lately, #3 has been waking up at night again which is so not cool. But, what is cool is that maybe he is possibly beginning to perhaps start cutting some teeth? I'm keeping my fingers crossed cuz I don't want him to be the only kindergartner with only four teeth who has to suck his Lunchable through a straw.

I've got myself a new hobby people. It's a little game that goes by the name of Guitar Hero and, I rock! I'm tellin' you I am so dope on the axe, you people can't see me! So what if I've only had it one day and am still playing it on easy? I can totally shred that biatch!

I did something crazy today. I purchased my very own bottle of nail polish. I know, nuts, heh? But, I'm the girl who hasn't bought nail polish or make up in at least four years. You thought I was kidding when I said that my wardrobe consisted of various pairs of elastic waist pants?

Okay, last one, I really wish I could have another baby. For every incident that I describe here where the dudes are being naughty, rambunctious, embarrassing, or crude, there are three times as many where they are being obedient, calm, endearing, and sweet (okay maybe not three times as many). For everything that sucks about being a mom and losing your mind, body, and spirit to your overwhelming exhaustion and desire to sleep, there are hundreds of things that grow your mind, make you love your body, and cause your spirit to shine. I know that my daily gripings about annoying household issues are balanced by aspects of my life that I am grateful for and can, indeed, not live without. And for all of these reasons, I wish that I could make our experience richer and livelier, and more keerazy, by adding another monkey to the tribe. But alas, I can not. And for that, many of you can breathe a sigh of relief. I know that people can only take so much!

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Found your blog on it!!

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