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Sunday, March 8, 2009


Here you have it. Reason 4,378 that moms are no longer respectable members of society.

#1 was invited to a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I RSVP'd. I bought the gift. I wrapped the gift. I changed my work schedule to make sure I'd be available to take him and his gift.

He was so excited. He had his day all planned out. Basketball game, come home, take shower, dress for party, go have fun. Hooray!

I'd written the info down in my planner (don't look at much). I'd sent myself a reminder on my cell phone (usually ignore). I'd posted the invitation on the fridge (although that somehow became dislodged and found itself a permanent home under my stove) just to make sure we weren't lost or late on the big day.

Sadly, there was to be no big day.

Because dumb mommy got the date wrong.

The worst part is that dumb mommy was too dumb to even realize that. Dumb mommy had to actually call the parents up on the alleged party date (needed address since invite was MIA) only to be told that the actual party date was 7 days earlier.

Who does that? Who calls (all chipper and confident I might add) and asks for directions to a party that happened last weekend? Where is your time machine when you need it?

Of course I apologized profusely. They forgave me. I promised to drop the gift by. They proposed a make up play date. I felt like a dummy. They silently agreed that I am.

It's no wonder that my bid for PTA board membership was immediately rejected.

I can not be trusted.


Anonymous said...

Actually I think you're pretty damn smart. That was simply your mind going into self-preservation mode.

parentingBYdummies said...

Well you may be changing your tune when I post about my adventures in grown up land from last nite. It was straight from the when smart people do dumb things book. Or, maybe I will not post about it since it will let the world know my idiocy is not reserved to the realm of parenting?

Housewife Savant said...

This is hysterical - in a laugh-with-you more than laugh-at-you kind of way.
I came over from SITS and I'm staying.
I love your pix and love your header photo!

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