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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Books for Boys Club

It's been a while since I posted a book for boys. That's b/c I haven't been reading to them!

Just kidding.

We read, we really do.

But, what we don't do is return books to the library in a timely fashion so our fines are currently well into the double digits. I'm sure if we tried to check something out at this point the flashing red lights and sirens would start, and the security doors would lock the whole place down. So, we have been reading books at the library and leaving them there where they are safe from falling into the black hole known as Casa de Dummies.

In my defense, I tried to pay the fine, but that freakin' place won't accept ATM cards. I never carry cash b/c it keeps me from buying things I don't need (snacks, crap from the $1 section at Target). Unfortunately, my cash free policy also prevents me from paying my library fines.

Anyway. I decided to suggest an old standby this week. One we used to read regularly, and I use that word loosely, because regularly around here generally means constantly, numerous times per day, and/or to the point of disgust.

So, here it is: Clap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley.

This book is a quick, fun read that instantly becomes addictive to the seven and under set. My boys like to act out all of the commands as loudly, and silly-ly (I know not a word) as humanly possible.

And, I actually think it's quite fun myself.

You may not want to do it when you're pressed for time, or right before bed b/c I've done it in both of these situations and it usually ends badly. They are too hype for sleep, or they are way passed their bedtime b/c we have to do it again, and again, and again (3 times is my absolute limit).

So, what does Amazon's professionally written blurb have to say about it? That Cauley "offers an ethnic mix of children tingling with energy and fun." Really? Got the energy and fun part, but totally missed the "ethnic mix." Are they including bears and hippos in that, because that's really all I noticed.

They also mention that "readers will start searching for details" as the book becomes monotonous. Huh? Is monotony not the bed mate of toddlerhood? Or is that only the case for my unsophisticated band of brothers? Either way they like to repeat the repetitive repetitions that show up throughout this book. So I say details, shmetails.

Therefore, this one has made its way back into our book boxes for this week where it will stay until I've convinced the public library to lift its moratorium against us and grant us book checking out privileges once again.


Amber said...

Hi, I came over from your other blog, from which I came over from Mama Kat's. I tried to leave a comment on your other blog, but it wouldn't let me! Anyway, I appreciate your honesty about your weight struggles. I also wanted to invite you over to my blog, where I started a weight loss group a couple weeks ago. You're welcome to join in if you'd like! I've got quite a few girls participating, and it's been fun. :)

Nice to meet you!

A Psych Mommy said...

With a comment that you left on my blog, I just had to check yours out! I'm glad I did because I love it! This post is too funny--my husband also is a delinquent library book returner and I'm always afraid that we'll see a Wanted poster with his pic with the crime of not paying his fines.

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