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Friday, February 27, 2009


Days like today really put me in the mood for spring. Although it's scheduled to rain we are also expected to reach a more seasonable temperature of 60 degrees. This may not be the Cali weather I grew up in, but it is quite the break from the icky 40 and below temps we've been seeing the past few weeks.

But, Spring reminds me of warmth, and warmth reminds me that I will be needing to bring out my warm weather wardrobe which includes shorts, dresses, and open toed shoes. The thought of warm weather attire gets me a little smiley, but also a little frightened. I'm reminded of the personal grooming hiatus I have been on since I wrapped my toes in cozy socks and covered my legs with full length trousers.

My legs and feet have not seen the light of day since late October, last year, and they have not encountered a razor (or lotion) in almost as long (except for doc appt. where I shaved to knee area). My feet and toes, however have been completely forgotten. They are the long lost, distant relatives that have not been seen or heard from in ages. Actually, it's like they've been lost at sea, and now they are returning to shore beaten and battered with a touch of scurvy and hope for a new life. And a new life they shall get!

It is my hope that a visit to the spa is in my immediate future. Now that all of the dudes are fully mobile and borderline verbal, Husband can be left as the acting Director of Homeland Happenings (aka DOHH!), long enough for me to get a few of these issues addressed. While I understand why my craggy feet have effectively sanded a path on the hardwoods from the kitchen to to the dining room, I'm not sure how to explain the fact that my eyebrows have not seen the waxing station since before Santa made his yearly debut. I currently look like a cross between Genie and Al B. Sure.

There is really no excuse for this atrocity! In addition to being a mom I am a woman, and I seriously have got to start looking like one. I'm devoting myself to getting it together this year. I may not be ready to fully step into adulthood (am totally hooked on teen TV shows: 90210, Made, True Life, etc), but I am gonna try to start spending a little more time on me. This really only means that instead of Nairing my brows off, which has the unfortunate side effect of leaving you hideously burned (they say safe for face!), I am going to march myself into the nail shop and get them done. And, instead of that $8 Herbal Essence home dye kit that has the potential to leave you looking like you had a bad encounter with a packet of Kool Aid and your 16 year old heavily pierced cousin, I am going to book an appointment with a stylist and let them work their magic on the frizzies.

2009 will be mine. Watch and listen friends, it's on!


Kathy B! said...

DOHH! Love it!

Good for you for taking some time to work on YOU. I'm a couple years ahead of you (at least kid wise) and I can tell you that you'll be glad that you did.

vanessa13 said...

I'm right there with ya!

Angela said...

Yay for pampering! Your kids are gorgeous btw :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahah! I so relate to this post. Especially when the winter is over and I have to face what happened to my heels during this dry, dormant season.

Gibby said...

OMG, did you write this post about me??? I'll meet you at the spa. With my dusty flip flops.

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